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City of Hartville holds meeting


The City of Hartville addressed several items during their Dec. 13 meeting at City Hall.

Bids were opened for the City Hall lobby remodel project. According to drafted City minutes, one bid was received from Arrowstar Glass. A new  36”X36”X18” foyer wall with a cashier type window will be installed and new laminated safety glass will be installed in the foyer area. A Rim panic opening will be installed to existing interior Foyer door. Bid is $8,700 and it was accepted. The ARPA funding for the health and safety remodel will be utilized.

During the meeting, Mayor Rob Tucker asked visitor Jeff Holman from Wri-Comm 911 to address the Council. Holman presented the Council with another proposal for payment on Hartville Municipal warrant entries and validations. Hartville Municipal can pay for each individual warrant and validation or pay the $2,000 annually. Warrant entries fees would be $20 each and validation fees $5 each. He also stated Wri-Comm 911 would like to take over addressing the City streets in Hartville. Wri-Comm 911 would change and readdress many residential homes to allow for a block style or more uniform numbering throughout the City.

Mayor Tucker and the Council stated they would not be interested at this time and will continue to have the Hartville Municipality to address their own City.

Mayor Tucker also asked visitor Troy Kirk to address the Council. Kirk stated he just wanted to commend Alderman Brett Long and other City employees for the quick efforts to help clear the debris from the City after the storm on Friday night.

Hartvile Fire Chief Brian Jolley gave the Council a verbal activity report. He stated the first responders were averaging 20 calls per month. He stated the first responder truck was having some front-end issues and he would be taking it in for alignment or repairs.

Gary Fullington reported to the Council that there is a gasket leak at the well on S. Industrial Ave. He had contacted Flynn Drilling to come inspect and give an estimate on necessary repairs or upgrades. He also stated the wastewater/lagoon facility was being inspected on Thursday, Dec. 16, 2021. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources completes an inspection every three years.

Hartville Police Chief Adam Stigall gave the Council a written activity report.

Council discussed the Wri-Comm 911 offer on the warrants with Chief Stigall. Aldermen approved a warrant entry of $20 each and validation fees of $5.

Missouri Employers Mutual renewal for 2022 for workman’s comp is $12,035 and was approved.

Alderperson Jessica Vandergrift moved to participate in the Low-Income Household Water Assistance Program between Missouri Department of Social Services and City of Hartville Water Company pending approval of the agreement contract from City Attorney Larry Tyrrell. The move was accepted.

The Council also moved to advertise for bids concerning trash services.

The City also purchased Town & Country gift cards for employees as they did last year.

City Clerk Carla Spooner informed the City Council that the 2020 US Census had reported the median household income for Hartville is now $22,000. In order for the City to qualify for any grant funding for any water or sewer upgrade projects, residents have to be paying 2% of the median household income annually per 5,000 gallons each water and sewer services.

City of Hartville currently does not meet the criteria if the Federal or State grant funding systems choose to implement the new median household income.


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