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Praying for our local farmers


In last week’s issue, I took the time to commend street crews for their work in battling this last winter storm to  help clear our roadways the best they can given the challenges they faced.

For this week, I want to focus my attention on our Wright County area farmers.

I’ve seen many posts over the past week talking about how the chores of the farmer still must be done no matter the challenges they face with the weather.

Many farmers were doing whatever they could to produce heat where it was needed, trying to fight the freeze that affected their livestock, and in some cases, their milk on the dairy farm.

I had at least one report of a farmer having to dump their frozen product.

The life of a farmer is always a challenging one. But you throw in negative temperatures and snowfall, it stacks the odds against those who depend on their land and livestock as a way of living.

We may have another round of winter weather hitting our area this week.

Please join me in saying a prayer for our many local farmers who will be affected by more winter weather.

Sure, many the same farmers have experienced other winters before and survived. But for some reason, this one is bringing farmers some challenges that many of them have not faced for many years.

My hope and prayer is that this storm comes and goes without a lot of added headache for farmers living in our Wright County area.


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